Top ten Productivity Tips to know when starting a business with Pure Royalty.

You hear a lot in the course of a short amount of time that you have to make your time count. Spend every moment being productive and things will eventually flow. Well that's not how it worked for me or for many other entrepreneurs I know and love. I struggled with procrastination terribly before and after I made the conscious decision to become an entrepreneur and whipping that alone into shape, was a task in itself. But miraculously in the time span of a year, I have learned a few tips that have helped me in being productive while running a business but also managing other things along with being a mother.

The first I have learned was...

1. Invest in a planner- Having most of your important information in one place is so much more helpful. I learned that as opposed to hanging sticky notes or small reminders on a bulletin board, just carry a planner.

2. Prioritize- Categorize tasks, appointments, goals, and other important things then list them from most important to less important. What is most critical or has a deadline needs your attention first. Make plans to cover those things and check them off of the list as you go. Placing them in the planner according to what day they need to be done will help you along the way too in scheduling your week.

3. Organize- Give items, paperwork, inventory, and other things an area of their own. I went a week with a cluttered desk and office, then was exhausted by the time I was done decluttering. Save yourself the frustration and organize earlier in the process of starting a business and keep it up...It should go alittle smoother after that. Like I tell my children, everything has a place and when you put it back where it goes, it's easier to find next time.

4. Strategize- You should have a strategy for almost everything, from what you do with your time to how you run the business overall. You should have a brand strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy, time management strategy, etc...this will help with the how and when to's. A plan of action is needed if you are wanting to achieve your ultimate goal.

5. Take advantage of Google calendar- Google calendar gives you the ability to schedule events, appointments, meetings and several other important things all within your phone. You can select the day, input the time along with what the event is and where. What I love about google calendars is the neat reminders I can set for each event. I mainly set two reminders per for a day before to remind me in enough time and one for an hour prior to event time. I can be in the middle of something and my phone goes off like an alarm to remind me I have somewhere to be and I absolutely love it. It also goes hand in hand with the planner and they both save my life.

6. Don't be afraid to ask for help if need be- Remember, you are only one person and can only do so much. If you are blessed enough to have help utilize it as much as possible. Although there are 24 hours in a day, for entrepreneurs we know that isn't nearly enough time for us. Trying to do it yourself will often result in something not getting done, and depending on what that something is it could be bad.

7. Designate tasks and assignments to certain days- I had to learn that unplanned days where I woke up and rolled over to start working until the time I fell to sleep (caring for the kids in-between it all), seven days a week was overwhelming, stressful and uneventful. What I decided to do was designate a few days to work which includes making content, working with my clients, writing blogs, sales funnels and other things. I assigned tasks to another day, that includes errands and going out to get items for the business. And I have 3 relax days that are spent with my family. I advise you to do this early on because it will make life 10x's easier.

8. BE PROMPT- Being on time is such an important aspect of business. With 3 kids, a business, a job and school... that was the hardest for me to do. But overtime I conquered it by doing as much as possible the night before, waking up earlier than usual, making my appointments on time so other clients aren't waiting and proper scheduling.

9. Work at a pace that is comfortable for you- Do not take on more than you can handle but at the same time do not sell yourself short on work and potential sales if you can do it. Find your in-between and work at that pace until you feel comfortable moving faster. You would hate to take on too much work and can not complete it. Also do not state a certain completion date or time, or a launch date for a product if you haven't scaled it yet to know when it will be done or how long it will take.

And lastly 10. Always Encourage yourself- Somedays the only thing that will get you through your day, week, month or year is you telling yourself you can AND will do it. Be your own cheerleader and soon people will fall in with you. You will start your business, reach your goals, be productive and be successful!